White Good & Co. – WG, is the agency for the home & building industry. With more than 40 years of experience, we know this niche like the back of our hands. We service luxury brands in both interior and exterior, residential and commercial sectors. Our team comprised of strategic problem solvers, creative designers, and exceptional story writers who dedicate themselves to you, your brand, and your story. We are connected, savvy, smart, and sophisticated. It’s simple, we are your agency of record.


Yes, we offer public relations, advertising, branding, event planning, social media services, and more. None of these alone, however, are going to lead you to success. At WG, we take a holistic approach. We’ll review every one of your brand touch points and form a strategy to enhance your audience engagement. We discover your why to craft incredible works of art and tell your story. We transform your business from top to bottom.


Outdoor Living Trends

We’ve talked in depth about today’s indoor trends, let’s take the conversation outside. Outdoor living is an ever-popular trend that won’t go out of style anytime soon. However, much like our kitchens and baths, 2019 promises new and exciting ideas for outdoor kitchen...

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Why Tile is a Must This Year

2019 Tile Trends  We’d like to start by pointing out tile has always been on-trend. Tile is an incredibly durable and a wise selection when renovating your home. It is the perfect option for high traffic areas as it is scratch and stain-resistant. Not to mention, most...

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Make a Statement with Cabinetry

Cabinet Trends We’ve already discussed this year’s kitchen trends but we wanted to dive a little deeper, specifically into cabinetry. Today’s kitchens feature a frameless or glass door cabinet with hidden pulls and handles. These features align with the “Urban Chic”...

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