Make a Statement with Cabinetry

Cabinet Trends

We’ve already discussed this year’s kitchen trends but we wanted to dive a little deeper, specifically into cabinetry. Today’s kitchens feature a frameless or glass door cabinet with hidden pulls and handles. These features align with the “Urban Chic” design style. Inspired by millennials moving into small city spaces, this trend aspires for a clean, contemporary, and minimalist look and feel. The result, a much larger looking environment. 

The trend is very European and design savvy. Not to be confused with the mediterranean style kitchens with elaborate carvings and moldings, these Euro influenced spaces have a much more industrial feel with forged iron shelving for their open storage system. Another popular trend is slab cabinets with glossy or matte surfaces to bring light into the room and create a modern aesthetic. 

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Space Savers


 The name of the game is amplifying your surroundings to utilize the space to its full potential in a sleek and stylish manor, sort of like how every woman knows to fit their entire wardrobe into a carry on suitcase (plus the blow dryer). For kitchens, this is often done by installing handleless or frameless cabinets. Frameless cabinets were often known as “full-access” cabinets to highlight the additional usable space. 

Frameless cabinetry, open storage, and glass doors do more than just add to a space, it exposes a lot. Consumers often showcase their favorite trinquets, fine china, and beautifully organized pantries in these open spaces. But, for those items that you access frequently but aren’t ready to be on display like my 1970s bright yellow and brown crockpot my grandmother gave me, deep drawers in a kitchen island can be the idea storage solution. 


Mechanisms & Accessories

Design Competition Winning Kitchen

Sarah Robertson, NKBA Design Competition winner, incorporated this space-saving mechanism into her beautiful blue kitchen.

These minimal cabinets can be anything but simple. Overhead door mechanisms, lazy susans, and pull-out shelving are all ways to create more space in the kitchen and make consumers’ lives easier. Aside from sophisticated space saving devices, these kitchens are outfitted with unique accessories to hide more than just crock pots. Today’s kitchen accessories hide everything from coffee bars to dog stations. 


Under Cabinet Lighting

The key to elevating the functionality and design of any kitchen is proper lighting. choose between warm or cool lighting within their cabinet doors or underneath counter tops. Gold lights under the counters create a warm ambiance when you sneak into a kitchen for a late night snack where as the cooler toned lights create a much more contemporary aesthetic to the inside of storage spaces.

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Color & Accents

Blue High Sheen Cabinets

Photo Credit: Craft Maid

In case you haven’t heard, 2019 is a bit of a drama queen. We are loving the romance of dark dramatic kitchens. And, while white and gray kitchens will never go out of style, more recently, consumers have begun to embrace color in their kitchen and sometimes in the most dramatic of ways. Some are adding pops of vibrant colors to their kitchen with bar stool and rugs others through their cabinets. We are all about the black but loving these sultry blue cabinets even more! 

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Where’s The Wood?

White slab, laminate, matte, and gloss cabinets some may question where’s the wood? Wood cabinetry has been a staple in kitchens for years. Our “Urban Chic” designers are using wood in a new unique way. Slab cabinets open to reveal wood as an accent! Beautiful warm chocolate brown oak hues add to the sophistication of these minimal chic pieces. 


Custom Cabinets

Nobilia Custom Cabinets

Photo Credit: Nobilia

If you’re looking to replicate any of these styles we recommend working with a certified kitchen designer. Even the largest of stock collections aren’t going to be able to account for odd kitchen spacing and add unique touches that will make a kitchen truly unique. Mix and match different cabinet styles and build something completely your own. This is 2019, the year for drama and for making a statement. You’ll want to invest in your kitchen to make the right one.


Written By: Megan Doris – Brand Manager