Kitchen & Bath Trends

2019 – 2020 Kitchen & Bath Trends

Navy Blue Vintage Kitchen

I’ve never considered myself much of a gambler, but if I had to make a bet I’d put my money on the NKBA insiders. Recently, the designers predicted 2019 would be the years for dark, moody, and dramatic kitchens and baths. They couldn’t have been more spot on! 

Gone are the days of beautiful farmhouse kitchens with serene white cabinetry, light grey countertops, and muted tones. 2019 came in like a lion and won’t be out like a lamb. The current kitchen trends offer an edge to modern living with dark cabinetry & countertops, metal or copper accents, pops of vibrant colored furniture, and modern technology.

Dark Vintage Bathroom

Baths mirror this trend. Black matte and dark grey bathrooms are booming in popularity! Copper sinks and claw foot tubs add an interesting piece to these modern baths while brass vanity mirrors and industrial cabinetry give a vintage vibe. This new luxurious trend will help attract guests’ attention to the unique features of the bath.

These trends are here to say and make a statement, what will your kitchen say about you?

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Don’t Be Left In The Dark

Kitchen with Black Tile Floor

The idea of dark kitchen space, the heart of the home, could seem daunting for many. Rest assured today’s designers understand how to create a balance between the dark and the light to produce a feeling of warmth, sophistication, and peak interest. Today’s top designers pair black cabinetry with light oak wood in order to give an old warm charm. They design from the ground up using black tile floors to create contrast and black tile backsplash to create a statement. While doing so, they pair these elements with light neutrals and natural fibers to reduce the severity of the look overall.

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Dark Bathroom Spa

Bathrooms are following suit. Traditional bathrooms are given a touch of flair by adding black cabinetry, gunmetal, or pewter sinks to a neutral-colored room. This creates depth and adds a touch of flair to another wise boring space. However, we must say, the all-black bath has peaked consumers’ interests by mimicking the look of a high-end spa

Copper & Metal Accents

Black Kitchen cabinets with Gold Handles

Aside from pairing these black pieces (black tile, countertops, painted walls, etc.) with neutral tones designers are loving adding to the drama by finding ways to include copper and metal accents. The beautiful crimson gold color of copper livens any sinister space and increases the perceived notion of luxury. Metal hardware and accents complement black walls and cabinetry perfectly and provide depth to the space. Can’t decide what accent would go best in your space? While difficult to achieve, if done correctly, mixing metals can create a subtle and elegant item of interest to baths and kitchens 

Beautiful metal oven doors you’ll want for your contemporary kitchen:


Copper Gas Range

Copper & metal is being used for more than just sink faucets and cabinet handles. Concealing range hoods has become a large desire for consumers. While some may choose to do something more subtle, such as matching their wood shiplap walls with their hood range, others can’t get over the drama and are opting for copper or gunmetal range hood covers.

Black Matte Kitchen Appliance

Not sold yet? If copper hoods don’t get you jonesing for more maybe a statement appliance would do the trick? Stainless steel has taken a back seat and we are welcoming black matte appliances! These appliances, usually varnished with metal hardware, incorporate perfectly into almost any kitchen. 


Vintage & Industrial Vibes

Art Deco Bath

To further ignite conversation today’s kitchens and baths feature vintage accessories, such as antique mirrors and art deco inspired lighting, as well as industrial style shelving. A modern room with old school drama and pizzaz. Reclaimed wood is also becoming increasingly popular and further helps create a vintage or rustic atmosphere.  

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Sophisticated, Daring, and Bold

Black Tile Backsplash

Black and dark tones can be intimidating for many but if paired with the right accessories it can be as beautiful as a little black dress. If you are looking to update your kitchen and bath and are feeling today’s trends, we recommend getting in touch with one of many NKBA certified designers. These interior designers will insure your dark and moody kitchen is fab, not drab. 

Want to know more about today’s Kitchen & Bath trends? Attend “Design Chicago” at the Merchandise Mart or KBIS this coming winter. 


Written By: Megan Doris – Brand Manager