How to Become Certified In Smart Technology – Interior Design & Architecture Courses

Accreditation for Builders, Installers, Designers, & Architects 

Education may not end with your degree alone. With an ever advancing society, it makes sense for designers to expand their knowledge of best practices, safety, building standards, etc. Depending on the state you live in or what organization you may belong to, furthering your education may even be required. 

Whether you are new to the field, or old hat, becoming professionally certified in smart home technology is a must. Technology has changed rapidly over the past decade. New innovations have been produced to make everyday life safer, easier, and more comfortable. You’ll want to know the latest trends, gadgets, and practices of installation. 


Class on Smart Home Technology. Photo Credit: CEDIA.


Smart Technology & Home Automation CEUs

CEDIA, Custom Electric Design & Installation Association, is the leading association for home and technology. CEDIA represents over 3,700 members and serves more than 30,000 industry professionals. With over 200 courses for designers & architects within a variety of topics, they are the go to resource for intelligently connected residential environments. 

Educational resources include white papers, in person training, online training, and more. CEDIA’s breath of topics allows professionals to gain an understanding of all aspects of the industry. If you are looking to gain a full comprehensive understanding of smart technology, register for CEDIA training today.


CEDIA In Person Training. Photo Credit: CEDIA.


Brands outside of associations also offer CEUs for designers & architects to earn credits. Control 4, a member of CEDIA, is one of these brands. Control 4 creates sophisticated technology that allows you to connect your smart devices. Their system works with more than 12,000 consumer electronics. Being the leading orchestrator of all connected home devices, they are more than excited to share their knowledge with others.

Learn about C4 Yourself Day

Aside from learning new material, CEDIA & Control 4 certification is well worth the time and cost for the networking opportunities. These events are taught and led by experienced industry professionals you will have the opportunity of speaking with. Not to mention the numerous other designers, builders, and architects who will attend the event as well.

Smart Home Trade Shows

Aside from individual events, you can also attend CEDIA Expo to participate in CEDIA classes and become CEDIA certified. 

2017 CEDIA Expo

CEDIA Expo 2017. Photo Credit: CEDIA.

However, CEDIA Expo is so much more than just CEDIA. CEDIA Expo offers numerous exciting experiences, tours, and programs under one roof. The trade show provides a platform for discovery and collaboration. 

Learn of the latest trends in innovation before they even hit the market, listen to panels from industry experts, see how technology impacts residential, hospitality, and healthcare spaces.

Written By: Megan Doris – Brand Manager