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Smart Kitchens

The kitchen has always been the heart of the home. A place to cook, to bake, to laugh, to cherish one another. It comes as no surprise that as society changes and grows as must this crucial space. What started as simply adding phones and TVs into the kitchen has taken off into a smart device revolution to make your kitchen safer, more efficient, and more enjoyable.  

How Smart Technology Make Kitchens Safer

As you stare at your perfect coastal kitchen, taking in the beautiful white countertops and cabinetry, ornate facets, and hardwood floors, you’re filled with warmth. The kitchen can also fill your entire home with warmth…once it catches on fire….

Kitchens are a beautiful necessity to every home but there are numerous amounts of safety hazards that lie within it. Modern-day technology has eased this stress. Smart ovens now come equipped with sensors that allows them cool and shut the appliance off if it begins to overheat. New smoke detectors have been designed to not only notify you if a fire starts in the house, but to also speak to you to tell exactly where the fire is. They have even invented smart plugs that can turn off the electric connection to the device when you are not home, preventing possible electric fires. 

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Sensors don’t only stop the destruction from fire but water as well. Water damage can be incredibly costly and lower the value of your house. Sensors can now be placed within the home to not only sound an alarm but text you if water is overflowing. Now you can shut your water off remotely and return home before the damage is too great. 

Smart Thermostats & Food Born Illness

While the obvious dangers of fire and water can be seen by everyone, many overlook the danger of food itself. Food that is not cooked or stored properly can lead to foodborne illness. We all may have eaten the raw cookie dough a time or two (or too many times to count) but this is something that should be taken seriously.

Smart thermostats can alert you when your fridge drops below or goes above a certain temperature. This will allow you to save your food from becoming spoiled or completely frozen. Even smart ovens and microwaves can now heat your food to appropriate temperature preventing an unenjoyable and potentially dangerous situation of uncooked or cold meat.  

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A Smart Kitchen Means An Efficient Kitchen 

Aside from keeping your home safe, these devices allow your home to be more efficient as well. Heating sensors prevent fires and keep your food safe but they also allow you to know exactly when is the best time to retrieve your meal from the microwave. No more standing around waiting or constantly putting it back in for “just another minute”. You can also preheat your oven remotely so dinner just got so much faster. 

Speaking of faster, one of the major pains has always been washing dishes. The dishwasher itself eliminated a lot of that pain but waiting for them to be done was also a nuisance. Now you can adjust your dishwasher speed form the palm of your hand. 

The smart plugs don’t only act as a safety feature but allow you to monitor your energy usage. This can tell you what appliances are using up large quantities of energy while you aren’t even home. Saving the environment and saving you some money. 

Smart fridges can also save you money at the grocery store. These appliances will tell you exactly what you need! No more running to the store only to discover you bought everything you didn’t need and nothing that you did. This also prevents the unpleasant mishap of drinking a nice cold glass of spoiled milk. 


More Gadgets, More Gizmos, More Smiles

Of course, one of the main reasons you should incorporate smart devices into your home is for the pure enjoyment of it all! The kitchen is a gathering place and you want your guests to be entertained. With new devices for music, gaming, and streaming that can all be incorporated into your kitchen your grandchildren are sure to love dinner at your house. Many smart appliance apps even offer new recipes you can impress your friends with! And of course, you can always set the mood for any occasion using smart lighting. 

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Written By: Megan Doris – Brand Manager
Photo Credit: the header image was provided to us by CEDIA
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