Why Tile is a Must This Year

2019 Tile Trends 

We’d like to start by pointing out tile has always been on-trend. Tile is an incredibly durable and a wise selection when renovating your home. It is the perfect option for high traffic areas as it is scratch and stain-resistant. Not to mention, most tile is resistant to water, dirt, chemicals, oils, germs, and bacteria. Making it perfect for any kitchen or bath. It also is a sustainable and financially practical option as it can last more than 50 years. 

For the year that is all about the drama and adding a statement, it couldn’t be more perfect either. Tile allows you to introduce colors and patterns in unique and sophisticated ways! It can make a space appear larger or mimic other natural materials such as marble and wood. Making tile this year’s functional and stylistically smart decision. 

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Wall Tiles


Procelanosa’s hexagon wall tile featured above

Wall tiles are making a strong come back. What was once a thing of the past or a trend for Las Vegas hotels is now adding texture, dimension, and color to residential spaces. This trend is not limited to accent walls, backsplashes, the kitchen or the bathroom. Residential spaces are coming to life in a unique, sophisticated, and elegant way thanks to walls made of porcelain and ceramic tiles. 

marble tile

Emser large format slab tile


Designers are taking inspiration from natural resources by creating large format tiles that mimic materials such as wood, brick, and marble. This creates a high-quality option while giving the look and feel these materials would naturally possess. If longevity is of high importance to you, then investing in one of these options would be perfect. Marble is a timeless classic, especially neutral grey, and white tones and as much as hardwood may be desirable it is no match to children’s messes.  

Making a Statement

Emser Tile Bathroom

Photo Credit: Emser Tile

Of course, wall tile is often used to make a bold statement through accent walls and kitchen backsplashes. It goes without saying, designers can easily play with patterns and colors to create beautiful mosaics as accent pieces. However, unique textures can create just as much of a focal point within a space. Playing with different and contrasting textures can create dimension within a space. The uniquely lined textured walls featured above not only create a draw user’s eyes to the beautiful bathroom view. 

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Patterns & Color

blue tile kitchen back splash

Unsurprisingly, 2019 designers are pushing the envelope with patterns and color. Vibrant colored, vintage-styled graphics patterns are making a comeback! Flashy mosaics and pops of color give any space a personality and character. Similar to our cabinet and kitchen trends, vibrant blue tiles as a kitchen backsplash are increasing in popularity! As are industrial style components and metals such as metal edging to a metallic sheen tiled vanity.

Black and White Bath

Michelle Miazga, NKBA Design Competition winner, pairs a blacka and white Geometric pattern with the marble walls in this bath perfectly.


Geometric patterns are especially hot right now, with the honeycomb shape probably being the most prominently used. This particular pattern has been seen for both floor and wall tile. Some designers choose to truly mix it up and blend two different shades of the pattern together. 

Emser Chevron Wall Tile

Neutral colored walls with subtle patterns can create more depth to a space as well. Emser’s chevron pattern pairs perfectly with their large format floor tiles to create movement within the room.


Expanding the Space

White Bathroom Subway Tile
Tile, much like open space storage, can be used to give a space a much larger appearance. Patterns and textures can easily achieve this feet. However, subway tile, a long-time favorite, maybe your best option for accomplishing this task. Long narrow subway tiles running across a bathroom or kitchen wall create a modern look and elongates the room. 

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Written By: Megan Doris – Brand Manager