Outdoor Living Trends

We’ve talked in depth about today’s indoor trends, let’s take the conversation outside. Outdoor living is an ever-popular trend that won’t go out of style anytime soon. However, much like our kitchens and baths, 2019 promises new and exciting ideas for outdoor kitchen and living spaces! Pops of color, functional furniture, and cozy lighting are just a few of the features we are loving this year. 


Emser Tile Stone Tile

This beautiful outdoor oasis features Emser’s tile “trav chiseled”.

In this day and age, it’s not uncommon to have two people working full time in one household. Therefore, now more than ever, we are all looking for a vacation. Today’s consumers are getting to enjoy all the luxury of a tranquil vacation in their own backyards! Outdoor kitchens and bars are being designed with one goal in mind — comfort. 

 Designers achieve this goal by not only picking the appropriate furniture but also configuring the perfect layout. According to the NKBA Insiders, outdoor spaces are best arranged with an open layout. This encourages conversation and creates a spacious vibe that inspires guests to move around the area as they please. 


Functional Furniture

Modular Seating

While an open layout is sure to thrill most, sometimes the environment may need to change for the occasion. Your own taste and mood may change from day to day. Modular seating is a great option that allows for versatility and affords for the unexpected changes. Modular sectionals have come along way and are often very comfortable, durable, and stylish.

Other furniture may not be as mobile but the purpose and functionality is just as important. Outdoor kitchens with integrated appliances such as a fridge, dishwasher, or tables with built-in well for ice and drinks make backyard BBQ’s a breeze. Some consumers are opting for islands and cabinetry that makes room for multiple dishwashers in order for the party to never stop.

The NKBA’s List of Four Sizzlin’ Kitchen Trends


Kalamazoo Grill

Kalamazoo’s wood fire-argentinian grill featured above

Bonfires and citronella candles can create a beautiful summer night atmosphere but consumers may want to consider more options for lighting than this. Lighting is a matter of safety but the wrong lighting could kill the mood. Uplighting in trees and bushes maintains a calm and peaceful atmosphere while illuminating a clear path from place to place to ensure guests don’t stumble. Bistro lights above a dining area can twinkle like the stars but task lighting prevents cooking hazards. You’ll want to consider all the different components of your outdoor space to choose the perfect lighting options for you. 

Indoor Outdoors

Emser Outdoor Living Room

Emser’s “Slate, Quartz, and Sandstone” tile accents this outdoor livingrooms fireplace perfectly and helps complete the outdoor vibe.


Task lighting, appliances, large kitchen islands, this is all starting to sound familiar…almost like the inside of your house. In 2019 indoor and outdoor spaces flow seamlessly together. Indoor spaces are being designed with collapsable, glass-paned doors and walls to feel as if you are sitting in the middle of nature. Tile from your living room flows into your backyard dining area to feel like one continuous room. Indoor cabinetry and countertops is mimicked outside as well as paint and fabric colors. To top it off, not only is the couch moving outside but the TV too. Consumers are adding TV’s, stereo systems, and other living room gadgets we love to provide all the comforts of inside-outside. 


2019 Outdoor Color Trend

While wanting your four-season room or living area to flow seamlessly into your outdoor lounge is on-trend, some consumers want their space to stand out. Browns, greens, and neutral colors have always been typical when decorating outdoor spaces. Not anymore! Today’s designers are having fun by adding splashes of vibrant colors to patio furniture and decorating a splash with unique throw rugs and pillows. Beautifully colored statement appliances and cabinets are on the rise as well! 


NKBA teams up with Kalamazoo outdoor grills to create exciting colored cabinets 


Written By: Megan Doris – Brand Manager